Can We Hear © Rolly A. Chabot

Rollys Fireside Chat


The anticipation of spring in the air is so very inviting and yet she still has a bite in the air but nothing I can not handle I was wearing cutoffs on a trip to the local hardware store. My goodness you would think I was breaking some sort of law by the questions and comments. Even working in the backyard I had people calling over the fence as to my apparel.

For me it was like everyone else was overdressed. After spending the winter fully clothed with gloves, hat and parka.

I have been dabbing a little with poetry in my spare time. I have decided to drop this one in here and see what you the experts think… Please do comment and feel free to express your views… Thanking you in advance and of course the hugs are always present should you care to grab a few…


Serene Settings 

We all love it I think, I know I certainly do. We are living in an ever increasing noisy world. For some silence is a new and maybe frightening thing. I had a neighbour in the city who always had something creating sound, stereo, television or radio. It was a constant low thumping sound that would run constantly, even while they slept.

I have watched as parents place white noise machine near babies while they sleep. It may be part of the cause or reasoning for the need to be continually stimulated. Several years ago I had just arrived at what I thought was a secluded spot back in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta for a day of peace and quiet. No sooner had I settled in off in the far distance I could hear the sound of far distant music. 20 minutes later 6 young people arrived with a boombox and the noise and the language eventually drove me away. I went back the following day and ended up carrying a full garbage bag out with me. Not only was the sound of silence broken but the pristine local violated.

So I penned this as a way to speak my thoughts… I understand we all have rights and privileges and I do hope my simple words offend do not offend….   Hugs again.

Can we Hear

Listen to the sound

From all around

It is quiet yet loud

Covered in shroud.


It is called silence


We close it out

With noise all about

We have trouble hearing

Our noise is so searing.


It is noise


To sit on the hillside

And watch the hawk glide

We miss far too much

We have lost touch.


It is called silence


The car that just passes

And fills air with gasses

With bass thumping for blocks

May cause our buildings to rock.


It is called noise


Man comes and goes

While Aura Borealis gives a show

It’s beauty and splendor

To all who are tender?


It is called silence


Silence is golden

For those who are holding

To the timeless gift of beauty

Grasp hold of her, it is our duty.


It is called Love


© Rolly A. Chabot