Purity in Nature © Rolly A. Chabot


Come sit awhile on this ridge I find dear

She calls to us all high above the unknown

To take the time to ponder our ways

Her call is for us is simple to give her an ear.


Look at what we have created through years of neglect

We have taken and taken to our hearts own desire

We have robbed, stole, pillaged and raped all she has

We have done so with little and far to often with no respect.


She has stood by and taken it for years

Of our indifference we have shown

Forgetting of the future of those we call our loves

As we continue to dump on their inheritance without fear.


Yet let her lash out with her fury and shown us her might

Through storms floods earthquake fire and disaster

We run and we scatter for she speaks loud and clear

Maybe oh maybe she has enough and started to fight.


Over the years I have watched what we have done

With little thought of tomorrow and the harm it may do

Or what it may bring and yet we continue

We take more of what we need yes it is us all and it is us we are the one.


Come sit with me high on this ridge

Away from the clutter we leave

Trash from our fast food, shopping and treasures

Entertain this thought of a land without bridge.


Where a world without garbage has not found its way

To a place so pure you can drink from a stream

Where the sky is so clear and the air sweet and pure

You utter the words knowing there is another day.


Listen to the wind whispering her claims

It carries the sound of its joy

High above we can sail to a land seen by few

This is the time to consider she speaks all our names.


Come to a land free of pollution

Far to the north we will travel

Where man has not yet left his mark

This may be a place where the nature teaches the solution.


© Rolly A. Chabot


4 thoughts on “Purity in Nature © Rolly A. Chabot

  1. Sometimes I dream about other places that are undisturbed by humans and their settlements. Not in resentment, but to return once again to the world I imagine in Walden or the world of the wild prairie of Native American tribes who had yet ever to meet the white man.
    Collectively, we as a species, but more the modern “advanced” civilizations especially, have the tools and know-how to know better and choose to look the other way. We know that we’re doing is wrong. We know that we’re letting greed and gold control our actions. And, somehow, we won’t pay heed.
    But I have a feeling we’ll soon be forced to reckon with our choices as a human race. That as the generations who come after us have to contend with our decisions now, perhaps we’ll realize we have borrowed against the needs of those yet to walk this earth.
    Powerful, inspirational and thought-provoking post.

    1. Thank you for the comment and your words ring so very true. We as a human race have borrowed from our future generations with little regard for what we leave behind. Year ago it was common place to see a man bent at a stream with a shovel and gold pan making his living. Today in the same places are massive machines ripping and tearing at the land to obtain all it can from its riches. What is left is mile after mile destroyed timber, redirected rivers and streams. Natural spawning grounds for fish and places where wildlife rarely are seen. Fly over these areas and the look like a wasteland.
      You are so right about our being reckoned with. Sadly the next generation has been taught to live with the same disregard for anything other than what is immediate.
      Personally I do think the answer lies with the voice we the older generation, those who have seen what it can truly be like. Without what we say then there is nothing to stop the destruction. Nature has her own voice but sadly it is not heard until it is gone.

  2. The quest for the pristine and the virgin may become harder and harder to find , let alone enjoy without human signs . You have been to those pure places Rolly . May they still exist for generations to come . I do not hold out much hope past the next few decades . The cynic in me says everything can and will be bought and sold . Even the view from the ridge . Peter .

    1. Thanks for the comment Peter and I do agree in many ways. For me to be able to experience the wilderness untouched as it were was a true blessing. Watching the helicopter and the last of it sounds being overcome with the sound of silence. Soon that same silence became a medley of its own. Without a doubt it was a great blessing to be a part of it at the time. I have held it near and dear to my heart.

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