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Rollys Fireside Chat


It is great to see the sun and watch the very beginnings of spring stir once again. The images appear daily, that little sprig of a plant, the first buds of a favourite tree. This morning the I saw the first sign of the traditional welcome to the season change… The sound of a Robin singing through the open window. His joy was obvious as I sat and watched with my morning coffee, him sitting on my back fence doing what he does best.

Gather around and lets spend a little time contemplating what change means to each of us. Coffee is ready, tea for those who prefer, the smell of fresh baked sourdough bread fills the air. Please help yourself and make yourself at home. The fireside is open and I welcome you.


What We Seek

I am all but certain we all seek the same simple things in life. Peace, happiness, joy and love. All of which brings us into that cocoon of what we call life filled to the fullest. A place where nothing is allowed to come in and break the mood.

In years past I could find that in the far reaches of the wilderness I would find myself at times. The picture above shows what complete solitude is like where you are one with your surroundings. It is here nothing comes into that state of mind where body, soul and surroundings are one.

Follow along with this thought for a few minutes, listen to the sound of the soft piano music I have playing, the crackle of the fire. Take in the scent of freshly brewed coffee and baked bread. Breath deep and become a part of the peace and quiet of this room.


How Sad it Is

I know this may sound a bummer after I have taken you to that place of peace and I apologies in advance. Take a moment and think of when the words of another have cut deep into your life. Words spoken in anger or frustration, maybe even ones spoken by yourself into another life, yes even a loved one.

I assume we have all experienced either side of that coin. We are all so different and depending on the mood or situation our internal filters sort through both the outgoing and incoming filters we have. Much depends on the emotions at the time and of course the situations.

If you can imagine all the words spoken or heard were written in permanent markers. What would they all look like if they were divided in two groups. Now take them all and sort through them. The ones that edify and speak of love on one side, those that condemn, judge and tear down on the other side.

Have you ever wished we could be like the pencil and erase those words we have spoken or heard. It would be nice to simply erase them and start over again would it not.


Our Built in Filters

What if we had filters to stop us or filters to stop our having to hear the harsh and hurtful words. I would be foolish in saying I have not uttered words in anger at someone, yes even those I love. I think our human nature assumes that love will heal all wounds and yes I do believe it will if we approach it properly. No matter if it someone you love or a stranger it must start with first seeking forgiveness and admitting we are wrong. As often as not you will be forgiven and the slate becomes erased as long as you are sincere and change. If forgiveness is not granted I feel you can walk forward knowing and understanding you have tried. Leaving that unforgiveness allows you to step forward in freedom.

When asked to forgive another I think it important we express our pain. I think it imperative that person understands the pain they have imposed. Such a conversation must take place with no anger. Far to often I have seen families carry that anger and bitterness to the grave. In my way of thinking unforgiveness is very much like a rut that just keeps getting deeper if it remains, thus making that rut a grave in itself.

Now lets consider carrying that same concept of filter on our actions. It would be such a peaceful world would it not if actions were filtered.

Take the time today to reflect on your words you have spoken as well as the words spoken to you in anger and frustration. Come into that place of peace, happiness, joy and love knowing and understanding your world is like that of the Robin sitting on my fence.

Make this the first day of many knowing you are dearly loved here at the Fireside… Hugs attached.

© Rolly A. Chabot


5 thoughts on “Word Erasers… Rolly A. Chabot

  1. Wise thoughts and a comfy place here to enjoy some tea. 🙂 Sipping my chamomile as I type (well, sort of, hehe). It’s a very contemplative piece and thought-provoking – it is so hard for so many of us to admit wrongdoing – I love the gentle way you speak of it here.

    1. Hi Sage … a blessing to read your words… far too often I have asked and been asked “How are you doing?” The generic answer is always the same for most of us… “Great” when really down deep inside we are hurting… maybe by being more honest we can help to open the eyes of the world to the pain we are actually feeling without being a bummer in others lives… I think honesty can open doors to healing… Hugs

  2. If only we were all straight sit down people bereft of ego and false pretenses . Let’s erase all fear of man and replace it with humbleness and humility . Let’s erase shame as well .
    Your words , I hope , will touch many Rolly . They are vital if any healing of new or old wounds is to take place . Only my thoughts about your thoughts . Blessings . Peter .

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