Fireside Chat… Rolly A. Chabot

Rollys Fireside Chat


For some the Fireside Chat is a carry over from a competitive writing site I have been a member of for a number of years. HubPages and I have had our moments and I have decided to carry the tradition on here. So welcome and I do hope you find something of interest here.

The fire is slowly burning radiating out its heat as a welcome. As always I ask you help yourself to the coffee and or tea of choice. Should there be a snack at hand please do make yourself at home. Curl up and settle in, the fur ball who is overly friendly is Quigley. As long as you are willing to pet and scratch her she will love you to bits. She also doubles as my vacuum cleaner so no need to worry about the crumbs.



Each time I write it will likely be on a different subject, hopefully you will find something along the way of interest to you. Your comments and suggestions will always be welcomed so please speak your mind. This site is a safe site where each opinion is valued.

As some of you know I have spent the better part of my life living in the now distant Canadian North as well as short stints in remote Alaska. Often in locations which could be classified as wilderness. Through some poor choices in early life the wilderness is where I rediscovered the person whom I had lost for several years.

Nature has a special way of teaching a person the importance of balance. Her’s is the utmost in holding all her aspects in check. Without man and his involvement she has taken care of herself for centuries. Once man instills his vast wisdom driven by greed that very same balance soon becomes upset. No matter the circumstance wether it be driven by the quest for oil, lumber or natural resources natures balance will be upset.

She Humbles 

Often in the remote regions I have spent time I realized just how small I truly was in the grand scheme of things. That flash of lightening striking a tree close by followed thunder that vibrates deep in your chest. The wildfire crowning through the tree tops as it closes in on you, your only escape is a lake while being showered with burning embers. That day when you come face to face with a Grizzly Bear on his turf and you realize you are but a guest in his domain. Nature can humble a man and all his thoughts and desires of his dominion are lost in but a few moments.

It is here where a person comes to know just what he or she is truly made of. It is here lessons in life are taught that no amount of education and or degrees will give you. Nature is the greatest teacher and she will show you the way like no other can.

The Door is Open 

In closing I would again like to welcome you to the Fireside. If you would like you may  find many older posts at some of which you will find here in a new format.

Please do feel welcome, hugs are a plenty so settle in and stay as long as you like…

© Rolly A. Chabot





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