Places of Old


As I travel I often find these gems that speak of the past. My Dad would always say things such as… “If they could speak what would they say?” I have so very often asked myself that same questions as his words still echo in my ears even though his voice has fell silent like so many of my past. 

Often as I pass these places I am compelled to stop and have a look around. Should a door be left ajar on one of these long abandoned homes I quietly enter. Some homes speak of peace, love and joy. Others speak of pain and suffering. Even in those homes which cry out there are signs of the search for love and peace.

Being attuned to our surroundings is such an important reality in todays world. How many people do we pass staring at their cell phones or having earbuds in place. Are they avoiding personal contact. Yes I am aware they are tuned into what they are listening too or watching a screen. My question is has the art of normal human activity being lost, it is becoming a place where the spoken word has become near obsolete. 

How sad it is that the joy and beauty found all around us is being lost. Think of the times when a total and complete stranger smiled at you and asked how you are doing? Maybe they commented on the weather or the big game last night and you elected to give but a moment of your time. Is it possible that person may have needed someone to talk to at the moment. 

Recently I was in a restaurant and I watched a mother and a young child sitting and eating a meal. In the time it took me to eat she spoke only once to the child. “You are eating like a pig” were her words. The entire time she was texting someone. What form of rejection will that child carry the remainder of his life. How sad is it when a parent does not invest in a child.

I know old homes and modern technology have little or nothing in common in some minds. But really I would ask you consider the long ago home that emulated love. What sort of children came from homes such as this. How successful were those whom went out into the world with confidence knowing exactly who they were. Compare the opposite home and consider the hurt that was carried out into adult life. 

Never pass up the opportunity to speak to a total stranger. You just never can tell that same person may be in need of a word of encouragement, maybe a human touch. Something as simple as a smile can change a persons life, maybe even change your own. 

I understand we are facing an ever growing threat in society. A fear of what someone may be capable of but I also know that love and kindness can go much further than fear and hatred. Without human interaction people become alienated. Take the time next time you are waiting in line to reach out and say hello… you just never can tell it maybe will be you that are blessed. Do not become that long ago abandoned house that sits alone in pain and suffering, just reach out… 

© Rolly A. Chabot



2 thoughts on “Places of Old

  1. John Prine wrote a fitting song to your thoughts Rolly . Maybe You Tube ‘ Hello in There ‘ if so inclined . Sometimes I think people use their upbringing as an excuse for their current life difficulties . But that is not entirely correct . There are many roads walked down that make someone who he or she is today . As you so rightly say , look for opportunities to be a voice of encouragement into lives around us everyday . Inspired action comes in many forms even when I don’t want to heed the urging of His Spirit . Blessings Peter

  2. Thank you for your insight Peter. You certainly are correct in your statement… “People use their upbringing as an excuse for their current difficulties.” Personally I think we have all used that one at one time or another. It is only those who choose to step beyond that thinking who truly grow. Taking responsibility for our own actions is certainly a start. To reach out for some is hard yet once we do it becomes easier and the blessing flows both ways…

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