The Wolf in Us


Over the years I have been blessed with living in some of the most remote locations in Northern Canada. Often at times 200 plus miles from the closest settlement of fellow human beings. I have had the distinct privilege and joy of observing wolf packs living in freedom of fear of man. I would often awake in the early morning to find they had come into my camp to investigate my presence, not to harm me but to investigate… 

One particular location I often frequented it was as though I had been accepted as being a part of the landscape as I posed no threat to the pack. We respectfully maintained a safe distance from each other and I was able to observe their daily activity. These rare and beautiful animals have been misrepresented by society, mainly in the movie industry. They are a loving and kind group of individuals who understand and respect each others boundaries and yet live in harmony with each other. This is something we as people could learn so much from. 

Science and research paints a terrible picture of the wolf as being a savage hunter who kills simply for pleasure. This is so misleading, yes the wolf is cunning and very successful in his hunting. I have watched a 150 pound wolf bring down a 1500 pound moose, it is done with deadly accuracy and the kill is clean. Yet the wolf is coined as this horrible animal as being the terror of the land. Depending on the size of the pack a week later nothing but bones will be left. Many other creatures of the wilderness will benefit from that same kill. 

For those who make these claims maybe we all need to look in the mirror and ask who are we in the realm killers. The wolf has to be up close and very personal to be successful in his quest to survive. Man only need to reach out from as far as 300 yards with a rifle to accomplish the same. Lets not forget to mention of chasing down a pack with high powered rifles from a helicopters and aircraft because man has determined the wolf is too close. Who is the killer or hunter in this case.  

Many years ago I had the pleasure of befriending a lone, very old once Alpha Male wolf who no longer lived with a pack, sadly he had been rejected after loosing his place as the Alpha Male. He chose to call home in and around my cabin. The small game was plentiful plus he accepted my meagre left over offerings of my annual moose hunt. The parts of an animal we never use. From the creek below the cabin I would catch a few fish and leave them on the creek bank, each time I returned they would be gone. Through out that winter a trust had been established to a point of where he would come from his safe surrounding and join me on the hillside overlooking the valley below. There were times the encounter would last only moments and other times we would simply sit 20-30 feet apart. I would speak in soft tones and he would twist his head side to side listening. Each time when the encounter was over he would toss his head back and call out in a long forlorn howl. Then he would stand, stretch turn to look at me and slowly return to his own world.

It had been several days since I had seen him, one evening when I arrived at the creek I found him curled up under a large spruce tree. He had chosen to die there as old age had finally taken its toll. I buried my old friend there and covered his grave with several large stones. I knew I had been blessed with knowing this magnificent animal on a very close and intimate level. It was an experience I have never forgotten, even today as I write I feel a tug at my heart. I am assured he accepted me as I had him, it was mutual respect I find hard to understand yet I know it as a privilege.

I am no poet by any means of the word but I did pen something a while back on behalf of my old friend. I know it is very wordy and I apologies in advance. I hope you take his thoughts to mind as you read of his plight. The wolf is no different than us as people… he has a living to make as well… Your comments are welcomed… Hugs 

It is I Who Calls


I stand alone in the dark of night

Alone, so alone and yet so near

The cold is near and yes I live in the same world as you

Yet who is it that hears my plight?


Few have come and learned of me

Even less have stayed and watched me grow

For me the world I choose I live to play

Where only few can say they are me.


Who am I you may ask

I am the one who like you must care

For those who I have sired and taken to call my own

I am the one called like you who has taken to the task.


I watch from a distance as you tend to your loves

I smile and think of how much we are the same

You see you are no different as you work and you play

We both are the same; we have been blessed from above.


I wish I could speak of the misunderstanding I have been given

You see I am the wolf who cares for his own

We are the same in so many ways I too stand and call out

And like you I care for what is mine like you I am driven.


Listen close on the nights that are cold and forlorn

Listen to my call from hilltop so high as I announce I have survived

Yet another day at your hand, why is it you hunt me

In such cruel hard ways with little escape I run from evening to morn.


Take but a moment to think of my plight

I like you raise family whom I care for and feed

Take time to forget of the movies and songs misunderstood

For I am the one who suffers it is I who is in flight.


Your trophies you hang with the little thought of but relief

They line your walls like they belong

You stand and you brag of your courageous endeavors.

With weapons so powerful that bring nothing but grief.


Please oh please I beg you to stop come close and listen to the call

Yes they are my family just as yours are yours

Come stand with me and I will not harm you

Listen to me closely before another must fall.



I am the wolf who you may fear

I am sorry for what you must think

I ask you to take the time to learn of who you are afraid

In your world you are cautious of even those you hold dear.


What a shame it is my friend

As I hear you call out and shed your tears

You stand ever so tall and whisper your fear in troubled times

Of the world we watch slowly come to an end.


© Rolly A. Chabot




4 thoughts on “The Wolf in Us

  1. You write so well and beautifully Rolly of yesterday memories . They are the tells from another time . I visit from a distance your deep respect for your Alpha friend . As a horse whisperer you may be a wolf whisperer . In your heart you know . Magnificent photo . Blessings Peter

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