Friends Passing


We live in such a fast paced world today we often fail to consider life itself. Time seems to slip by so quickly before we know it we are looking at yet another calendar year. How often do we ponder the year which has just passed, what have we accomplished. What have we done with the many days we have been given. Have we spoken kindness into another life, have we expressed our love and appreciation to people we care about. Is there something we can change in our lives to make us better people.

As we age we hopefully become more mellow, we think before we speak or act around others.  This has been a hard year as I have lost near and dear friends, one each month. I find myself reflecting a great deal lately. Especially on the things I say and do, each of these friends were long time acquaintances. The latest to pass this month I have known for 41 years. We had conversed via phone a week before she passed. Her last words I received were via Messenger. Five simple words but very powerful words… “I love you right back.” 

For all of us we need to be ever mindful on what we say and do as it may be the last words another hears. I cherish the last words my father spoke to me before he passed away. With a gentle squeeze of my hand he smiled and said. “I will be waiting in heaven for you son when your name is called.” What a blessing to hear those words.

© Rolly A. Chabot





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