For me a walk through the forest remote or wilderness always speaks to my soul. For me there is an unspoken connection to the way nature can speak. Sometimes she speaks in soft tones other times she screams of truth.

The Oxford’s definition of humility states: modesty, humbleness, modestness, meekness, lack of pride…

Sitting that morning I took this photo I was reminded of just how small I truly was in the grander scale of life. This once majestic tree stood tall and overbearing among its neighbours. In that regard it would have been a leader, a doer. Yet in its death as it fell it teaches yet another quality. It gives itself too humility as it becomes the basis of new growth.

In life we have many paths we choose. We can lord over people and crush and destroy any who come into our path. It was the way I chose without a doubt I crushed and shattered many dreams of others. Through my own eyes in business I was considered successful, in life I felt I had done the same. My lifestyle was so fast I grew frustrated with those who failed at keeping the pace. Never once seeing life was passing myself as well. I was blinded by my own pride.

One can never understand what absolute burnout can be like until you have lived through it yourself. Toss in addictions and you have a boiling pot of hopelessness with no measuring stick of what reality is. Humility comes at a great cost when you find yourself alone and isolated from the world around you. Your only option is to cast off all your pride, all knowing attitude and admit you are broken. Identifying the cause is the very bases of enlightenment. Like the fallen tree which once was so prominent you resign yourself knowing you must rebuild again. Humility is the key which teaches.

Today and at the pace the world moves we are stumbling over ourselves to stay ahead of everything. I have been asked many times how I found the peace I have. The answer is simple. Accept who you are, live according to your needs. Eventually you learn too love others and the life you have. Live as the fallen tree and hopefully you can provide some basic needs for others to grow on.

My grandmother had a saying which resonates through me in all the challenges we face today. “Life is a pathway of roses, along that same pathway are thorns. You can choose to keep being hurt by the thorns or have the courage and strength to stop and deal with them.”

May you find your way through the pathway of roses, may the thorns be few. Above all may you have all the courage needed to remain humble.

© Rolly A. Chabot


2 thoughts on “Humility

  1. Wonderful words to help center ourselves, Rolly. You speak wisely of the ups and downs of life, which has its challenges, to be sure. You have overcome some big obstacles and are all the wiser for it. Being able to look back on those tough moments and learn from them is something to be thankful for xx

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