Old Memories


Several years ago this is a cabin I would come to several times a year. I especially loved my time here on New Years Eve. It was called “Eagles Nest” and it sat 600 feet above the Ghost River in the foothills to the Rocky Mountains. It was designed with very limited facilities yet provided a perfect place to allow nature to cleanse the mind and the soul.

I do have many fond memories of it and the area it was situated in. Isolated without a road, the only option was to cross a fast moving river and climb a a steep vertical bank to gain access. Water came from a spring outside the door. Heated by an old wood stove and bathroom facilities were no more than an old outhouse.

At night the only source of light were candles. It is here I journaled for the entire time I enjoyed mostly during the closing of one year and the start of another. A time of reflection of both the past and the future. A place where I could hike back out knowing I had a roadmap for the coming year.

Above what I carried away with me was humility as it taught me so much about myself. It taught me to be myself, it was not healthy to live everyone according to other peoples standards. It was ok to  cast off the box that society had designed and said I should conform.

Eagles Nest was a place I so loved. Sadly it burnt to the ground a few years back, a careless accident by yet another person on their own journey. I sit today recalling all of the hours I spent there. Thank you Eagles Nest for your many gifts…

Hugs to all who read these few simple words.

© Rolly A. Chabot


One thought on “Old Memories

  1. This! Wowowow! I love the idea of going somewhere remote and taking time in silence to be mindful of all the sights and sounds…and to write, journal…just all around be creative. Wonderful post! 🙂

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