Northern Fishing

I lived at one time or another in the far reaches of Canada. Nature was my companion, fishing my passion. Fish like this were fairly common. A half dozen this size smoked would become my winter food supply. Moose became the source of protein, once taken down, dressed and butchered a man could have as much as a 1000 pounds of meat. Most times it would be shared, it would feed many. Respect what was given to you was key. Take no more than what you can use and it will always be there. The area I hunted in was close to my cabin. I would spend hours watching the animals and only take the old thus leaving the young and strong to maintain the population. Living in harmony with nature is key to survival. The land provided for all my needs, logs for the cabin, fish, meat, berries and natural plants were readily available. It was bountiful in comparison to today’s way of living… I am so thankful for the experience and the provisions compared to the way we live today. © Rolly A. Chabot

Source: Northern Fishing


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