Those Moments

I would never consider myself to be an expert photographer but I do get lucky once in a while. The picture you capture can be 1 in a 100 or the odds may be far greater. Let me take you on a leisurely journey across my part of the world and share some images with you.  Log cabin building has always been a special memory for me as I have built four in my time. Each were different and posed their own challenges. I have always enjoyed capturing photos of the master builders of the day. Understanding the process of selecting, gathering and peeling the dying comes at a cost of a great deal of time.  Armed with no more than an axe, chainsaw, chisel and a pencil is where the true pride of the craftsman comes into play. The time allotted will determine the accuracy of the finished product.  In most remote log homes there is little a man can call on for help. Each log has to painstakingly lifted into place, scribed and notched to fit into place. Keep in mind most of these logs weight a few hundred pounds and you are working at heights. After many years they do begin to deteriorate but they have served well for many of those years.  After providing comfort, warmth and security for years they are left to grow old with dignity and pride. They have brought much joy, new life and many memories. To the casual passerby they appear as a pile of rubble. To the people who have lived and loved they are a milestone of where life began. © Rolly A. Chabot

Source: Those Moments


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