Canadian Summers

No matter where you travel in this Province in Canada each area has its own unique kind of beauty. I can be a barren flat land or stunning mountains, no matter where it unfolds into its way of speaking to you.  Wild flowers such as these One Eyed Susan’s can be found in most of the Province. Once they have been established they are slow to pronate and spread. I often see people stopping and picking them. Little do they know if they do the recovery time is great. I like to leave them letting the future travellers enjoy them.  Within a few hours in any direction from where I live scenes such as this can be found. Quiet idilic lakes which flourish with many different kinds of fish. Miles of shoreline to explore with ease. it is a far cry from city living where there is little more than concrete and pavement. It is refreshing spending time in areas such as this.  A few short blocks away and I find this scene. To the west lies mile after mile of open farm land with colourful crops. Small ravines and gully’s afford much exploration to wildlife and fauna.  Old building and machinery are part of the local history. As often as not ask the owners if you can explore and you are met with a smile and an explanation of the history of the homestead. People value their heritage here in these parts.   A few hours drive and you are at the top of a mountain range. The call to go on is great. The scenery is breath taking and so much to see. Crystal clear glacier waters rush past with power and speed. In todays world you can still dip your hand in its purity and drink your fill. The falls have carved their way through granite displaying their might.

Source: Canadian Summers


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