Tramps Tree

Be prepared as this may be a long write but a part of a life of years past.  Who is Tramp? Many years ago when I was young, wild and often foolish I was back into some far off countryside. Northern Canada in the Yukon, well to be more specific it was both in the Yukon and British Columbia Canada. I had been out playing in the wilderness one day and quite by accident found myself several miles back in some unknown country. The road I followed was not really a road, more like a goat trail, a place my old van named “Rolly’s Royce” cut its teeth. It started out a regular old 3/4 ton Ford van. & years later it was a full blown bush wagon. I raised it up two feet, slipped in a custom 4 x 4 assembly, large steel bumpers front and back with winches on each end. Not much could stop her after that. She was fully camperized and ready to take on any challenge and challenges I found… smiles.As I would later learn from my topographical maps I was near the great divide between the British Columbia and Yukon Territorial borders. I reached the end of the trail, threw my backpack onto my shoulders along with my rifle and started heading out to what appeared to be a lake in the distance. I estimated it to be some 10-12 miles as the crow flew, the blueish haze that sat in the valley looked promising. Closer inspection through my binoculars indeed revealed a lake.Tannis my faithful and fearless dog was at my side and we headed out. It was a clear day with a few clouds building in the west over the mountains, traces of smoke filtered through the air but nothing to worry about or so I thought at least. Tannis and I were doing what we did best, heading out on another adventure. Not a living soul was within 70 miles and we were right in our element.

Source: Tramps Tree


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