Our Office

Have you ever considered making your office as comfortable as home with as many of the amenities as possible. Creating such an atmosphere gives you a sense of well being thus allows you to be more productive.  This was one of my offices, it had a warm feeling to it. Comfortable chairs, plenty of hot coffee and hopefully a senses of welcome. Allow as much light in as possible, keep it bright and inviting. Even more so, keep it uncluttered. Offer comfortable chairs to your guests with as much space as you can offer.  At the end of the day we should feel we have accomplished much. The start of the day should be well planned. Your calendar should have some open time for you to collect your thoughts. As well to allow for an extended time if needed for a meeting. Most important leave the office at the office. Kept your private and home life separate from your work. Keep your office space for business. Hugs to all … ©Rolly A. Chabot

Source: Our Office


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