These Times… © Rolly A. Chabot


We are living in very uncertain times, world politics. international and national politics we are faced with looking at whom and what will lead us into the future. Where we are being led has such a bearing on whom we have become. It is frightening really as we watch the US Elections unfold where all human decency has been cast aside with only the best slanderous slur is hurdled against the other in their attempts to win votes. The question that needs to be asked is whom do we want to lead us into the future. Where have we gone as a society to watch this unfold and not say anything other than accept what we see.

What a shame really when you think of the candidates of the past stood their ground in restraint as to not offend anyone and hold their moral and civil ground. Yes even in the most heated debates. What I see is no different than a herd of pigs fighting for what they feel the rightful place at the head of the feeding trough. Does politics in the 2000’s mean slanderous remarks and no violence of having to rush the speaker off of the stage as we have witnessed today. Kudos for Donald as he came right back to finish what he started…

I have no say in the outcome of US politics. At one point and time I had dual citizenship as my father was born in the US. I relinquished that same right when I became subject of the US taxation laws. In a ruling 2 years ago if I retained the right to have a say I became subject to being taxed both by Canadian law and US. The penalty being should I insist on retaining my US status I would have to pay dearly a minimum of 1800 dollars per year in basic taxes.

It was not a hard choice I made in giving it up. The advantages of saying yes opposed to the disadvantages were clear to me. My father came to Canada in 1911 from Rhode Island. He never once thought twice about becoming Canadian. Along with my grandfather they applied and were accepted to hold land. Solid timber at the time where today it is all cleared and farming land. Dad never hesitated to sign up for the Canadian Armed Forces where he served on the front lines for what he believed in at the time. It is nothing like what I see today, all I see is this struggle for power and might.

Quietly and yet with certainty both my grandfather and my dad faced the hardships of the unknown north to say they stood for moral values. No matter if they felt American or Canadian they stood for something far greater than what I see happening today. What they saw was a newness and a chance to make a difference in a hopeless times of uncertainness. Their voices they had at the time were but a whisper in todays world. They are the true meaning of life when I think of  what I see unfolding.

For the record allow me to cast a vote… it would have to be for Trump. Agree or disagree at least what you see is what you get. This being so in comparison to the Clinton camp what you see is not what you get. What you get is deception and manipulation according to her own agenda. Call out as you like but I stand firm on the ground of the little guy… it is either him or her that the little guy that dreams are made of.

The main reason I can speak this is the wheat and grains that wave in the wind wave because of the determination are because of the visionaries of the day and not the dreams of the promised few guessing at what we want to hear….Both Grandfather and Dad saw something way further ahead… even to sDad Dad could tell you the obstacle they faced if he were alive. I recall the final time he lay his hand onto the the two story hand hen log they built and the tears ran sown his cheeks. There is nothing greater than believing in what you speak and do … Go Donald go…


© Rolly A. Chabot