Less Means More…©Rolly A. Chabot


You might ask what is he talking about. Well I suppose you could call it an “Oxymoron.” (A figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction talking about something.”

Let me explain, lets take a look around your home, dresser drawers, closets and we look at all we have and say I cannot find anything to wear. Less means we have fewer choices, more means we have far to many. I would never suggest you should give away or get rid of what you have. You have worked hard for it and you deserve to have it.

A good example is myself. I was stretching a canvas on a frame to paint a while back. It has been a long while since I painted so of course my industrial stapler had long been stored away in some unknown place. I looked high and low and unable to find it option two came to mind, just buy another. I stopped at the local hardware store only to discover the stapler was now worth 55 dollars. I was tempted but decided I would search more for the one I knew I had. The end result was the fact after sorting through my many boxes of tools I found 5 in total. Less means more again.

When we have too much we forget what we have. It started me on a declutter of what I have. My men friends enjoyed the gifts. I mean I found 2-3 and four of every imaginable tool. I mean 8 tool boxes filled with every tool a man could want. Laying them all out on my garage floor I made up three small sets, the car, the truck and the sailboat all got one suitable for the need they may have. The rest you guessed it given away. Less means more time to enjoy being clutter free.

Another good example is that infamous “Junk Drawer” we all have. Generally they are in the kitchen area. It is the drawer where the unknown lives. I was looking through mine the other day. It is amazing what you can find in there. Keys you have no idea what they are for. Pens which no longer write, that roll of Scotch Tape you have been looking for. A grocery receipt from 4 years ago… do you follow me. We toss things in there just in case we may some day need the what is it for stuff. Once cleaned out “Less means More.” You now have more peace as your life is starting to become more orderly.

We all love books do we not, I have a library it is an 10 by 12 room. On all three sides I have book shelves that fill each wall floor to ceiling. I counted over 850 books, some are treasures, some are great resource books. I would estimate that number to be 100. So why do I keep the other 750. Because I love books does not quite meet the reasoning. The local library will be pleased. I will let them in and they can take what they want. The rest to the thrift store, maybe someone will find something for a dollar and the thrift store can do some good with with that same dollar. Again “Less Means More.” Then I will be free of the clutter.

In my small town recycling means taking all you have set aside and placing into the appropriate bin. The problem being it just keeps adding up. I mean really you may as well have enough to make a good trip for it…right. Well it has changed now to each Monday it goes, no more of this taking up valuable space in the garage. Yet another are those boxes of good stuff you just cannot part with. As often as not the contents have not been looked at in years. You do the math and ask yourself, why keep it? Again “Less Means More.”

As a writer I can be my own worst enemy. Reference books stacked a half a dozen deep. All these printed off articles I intended to read someday and just never found the time to do so. I cleaned out my office a few weeks ago and made myself a promise. After the research is done the book goes back to its respective place. All those papers go to recycle, any articles I want to save now get saved to the desktop on my Mac. Monday becomes my trash day on the computer. Like my office the desktop must stay uncluttered.

After reading this you may think I would be a great candidate for the television series “Hoarders.” Now I know none of you suffer with any of the above but the point of the matter the less I have the more I appreciate what I do have…

As always hugs are attached… the one thing we can never have enough of…

© Rolly A. Chabot




2 thoughts on “Less Means More…©Rolly A. Chabot

  1. Wonderful that you are decluttering and enjoying the basics 🙂 Every new season I go through my clothes and pick out a bag or two’s worth to donate to a local shelter I used to volunteer at. While I am not still helping out there, I hope the people who use the shelter can still benefit in some way by my actions. Yes, I have a lot of books too – you’re not alone there! HUGS

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