Wandering The Wilds


No matter who you are until you have climbed a mountain you have not experienced life to the fullest. Stand on top and view all around you you realize two things. First is the accomplishment and the other is the realization just how small you are.  One as exhilarating as the other but the greatest is your size in comparison to what you see in all directions. This is one of the easier climbs but still amazing, from this view I can map my hike out easily. Putting it in prospective lets just say it was pretty much straight up. 

Life is very much the same really. Obstacles are paced before us and the choice is simple face them head on or skirt around them in hopes you come out ok. The longer the obstacle remains in your path well the more formidable it becomes. I would far sooner stare it i  the eye than allow it to overcome all my senses. 

The wilderness and what it means in my minds eye is a place where we take life on full force. A place where the obvious is standing before you. Mount Placid in the northern reaches of the interior of British Columbia is like that. She will be in your way as long as you let her. Traverse her and you have won the battle. Take anything in life and place it before you and it will be there until you take on the challenge it poses. The longer you wait the longer it will eat away at your inner being. At the time Mount Placid was in my way. There is a section of many creeks where I was doing contract placer mining (Gold) The only accessible means of travel was by helicopter. At 2000 dollars per hour the hike in seemed to be the better option as the ground was unproven. A week and a half later I had to make the same journey back again with some negative results. Other than the fact I had my own experience it was all I came out with.   

Along comes the question why? Well my answer would be why not. I never came out ahead in the financial aspect of things. I did come out in the physical amd mental aspect of it all. You see it was because I did what seemed to be the impossible. I can smile today looking at this peak and I can say, “Yup I beat you Mount Plaid.” It is much the same as adversity in life. What looks to be impossible to face at the time i nothing when you set your mind ahead of what you must accomplish. 

Even though the days of taking on something so massive have passed physically I can smile and say I have conquered much of what appeared impossible. Your mind looks at what seems impossible and yet your heart says that “Limits exist only in your mind.” No matter what you face in live my dear friends the reward of accomplishment will supersede anything. Take the chance at what you face and yiu will come out the other side a far greater person>

Hugs to all …. 


© Rolly A. Chabot 


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