Visual Effects Capture and Hold Us


There are those days when nature and beauty simply take over your mind and inner being. They hold you captive and give you pure appreciation for what we have around us. This photo was taken a few days ago looking west off my front deck. Painters and artist can never duplicate such a sight we see through our eyesight. Our vision is precious it allows us to stand in awe of what is before us. I have suffered for several years with Glaucoma, the left eye has been damaged to the point of losing 50% of my vision. I recently had cataract surgery on the left eye, the right eye scheduled for surgery on the 31 of this month. I must admit I am a little reluctant as I will have to rely far more on the left eye for a time. Hopefully after this is all over I will be able to see sights such as this with clarity. 

These past several years I have been looking at people in a more personal level. Seeking out what makes them beautiful and radiant. In doing so I have discovered what I see deep within outweighs the faults which we all find so easy to attach to others. What I have found it is those same faults I see in myself. Yet we fail to accept we have them. It is that perception we come squeaky clean yet in all honesty when we look in the mirror… well we have warts as well. 

There is a reason we have been given mirrors. There are going to be times when we see things we not like. There of course will be those times when we are radiant. I once read a book years ago that suggested we tape a sheet of paper on the mirror. Each day take a long hard look at yourself. Find a fault, then find the good and record it on the paper. The author suggested working on the fault as well as the good. His claim is eventually the good will win. What I had taken from it is doing the same with others and soon you see only the good… as always Hugs are attached… 


©Rolly A. Chabot


2 thoughts on “Visual Effects Capture and Hold Us

  1. That photo that you took while standing on your desk is.. a “wow” moment.. it takes my breath away. As for your words here, it is a good reminder to seize the current day and be grateful for what we do have rather than what we are lacking. I’m glad you are getting the eye surgeries and that you are healing well xx Hugs

    1. Thanks Christy… and yes the photo opportunity was as well a reminder of just how small we are in the grand scheme of things. To go through life and miss such moments is the same as sleeping the day away… so happy you caught what I was attempting to say…

      Hugs back

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