Winter Musings

I read a quote the other day I found on an old gaming PC I built several year ago. In todays world it would be a relic I suppose. It still runs on Windows XP occasionally I turn it on just to play, ok so there is still a little youth left in this old cat.

I cannot recall if I wrote the quote or I found it and kept it but it caught me in such a way I felt the need to share it with you.

“Worry is nothing more than a trickle of fear running through your mind. Fail to give it over to God or deal with it and eventually it cuts a rut so deep it will drain all other thoughts away.”

Fear is certainly an enemy, it can manifest all sorts of emotions, doubt, anxiety, stress , etc. Or any of the above can bring on fear or an unsettling feeling deep within. Allow any to take hold in your mind and you have the beginnings of a much greater problem later. Fear can be our immediate response to danger once we have experienced an event we will never forget it.

In all of my years working and living in the far north in Canada I have experienced fear at such a level. Today just a flashback of that memory evokes an immediate jolt from deep within. Let me paint you a visual image. I had been dropped into this region by helicopter with all my gear. It was some two hundred miles from nowhere in the wilderness and a 7 foot Grizzly Bear stands on his hind legs 20 feet from me. That brings on an adrenaline rush that stays with you. He was so close you can smell his breath. Your immediate response is to run… right!, fear will make you do exactly that. As if you are not already being eyed as a meal, running will make you fair game in the eyes of the bear. Now from the bears viewpoint I must have been a strange looking meal. This skinny thing standing there with a bright yellow canoe on his shoulders. You can read all the books you want on bears and the harrowing tales of bear encounters. But the best you will ever hear, see or read is the one you write at that very moment. Now obviously I must have done something right as I am still here. Even though I had a rifle I stood perfectly still calculating in my mind if I would have time to take aim and fire. The odds were not in my favour. The bear dropped on all fours, began ripping at the ground, growled at me again. His eyes burned into mine, with one large swipe at the ground marking his territory again, he turned and walked a few feet away stopped again looked back and slowly sauntered away. I was a very lucky man that day.

Which begs the question, how do you deal with fear? After such a chance meeting as I had I came to the conclusion I was but a guest in the bears world. I gave that old boy as large a birth as he needed. Did it change my desire to venture back into these regions? No but it was that moment of fear that taught me too be ever aware of my surroundings. That same fear could have gone in the complete and opposite direction had I allowed it to occupy that space in my mind. The final words of the quote, “It will drain your mind of all other thoughts.”

Each of us deal with our emotions differently. I see so many people today who are operating on the very edge of an emotional thread. I have been there many times myself. I truly believe we all have the desire to strive ahead rather than allow worry to control our lives.

I do hope that all of us have the strength and courage to defeat those emotions which can and will take over if you allow them a pathway to enter. Know that you are dearly loved and grab ahold of this virtual (((((( HUG )))))

©Rolly A. Chabot


2 thoughts on “Winter Musings

  1. I feel your hug, Rolly, and return it. I understand what you mean about fear and, by the way, that quote is well penned, regardless of whether it originated with you or not. Fear is like a roadblock and it never moves unless we readjust our sights… so I best do so with this next book or it’ll never get done 😉 Thanks for the inspiring post!

  2. Thanks Christy for your comment… appears as though you are about the only audience I have… smiles…
    Once fear has been allowed a place to reside in our minds it becomes a part of our lives. I truly believe fear can become like a grave, a rut we create with both ends kicked out. The more we fear the more we can become buried.
    So proud of the way you view life Christy… poets are so special…


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