The Old Guy… Never stops ticking…

For those who know me through social media, phone calls and texts they know it has been a busy year. January found me on Vancouver Island and what was to be a perfect get-a-way which in the end turned out much less than anticipated. My time ended a few weeks early with a visit and stay at Duncan BC hospital with a nasty pancreas attack. Not something I wish to repeat. The real blessing came in the form of once again fishing on the Fraser River for the prehistoric Sturgeon. I had stopped in November on the way through and you might say I was hooked. Who could not resist the desire to catch another of those river monsters at 650 pounds plus.

April took me again back to Vancouver mainland for an exceptional gathering of old friends. It was the 80th anniversary gathering of the Yukoner’s get together held at the River Rock Casino. It was awesome meeting up with so many people I had the pleasure of working with or being associated with at the time. It was great to see everyone again.

September brought me back again to renew old friendships and to again play in beautiful BC. I returned home only for one day then was off again to British Columbia for 3 days of fishing on the Bull River located just west and north of Fernie BC. This region known as Tanglefoot is steeped in history. For several years C.P.R. logged the area for railroad ties and floated them down the Bull River to be recovered at Tanglefoot. The fishery itself is considered to be classified. Highly regulated and monitored and again a catch and release program.

Upon my return I was faced with cataract surgery on the left eye. I have suffered with Glaucoma since early 2000 and have lost 40-50 percent vision in the left eye. The right eye is following closely but I am blessed I am still able to see well enough to write a little. The chances of gaining back what I have lost are slim but any gain is far better than none at all.

What is up for this winter one may ask? I am not all that sure other than getting my feet wet in local politics. With election just around the corner you never can tell I just may toss my hat in the ring. Other than that well I suppose I can always stay busy shovelling snow from the walkways around the house. I have a scary grade of 14% on my driveway. It just loves catching the unsuspecting old man who insists cowboy boots are the decided wear all year around. That vision you just had of me sliding on my butt is very real…. Thank you for thinking of me in such a way.

All in all with everything that has happened I have had a great year, great fishing, gaining a new love for the sailing I have taken up. What more could an old timer ask for, I mean really each day I wake up I have to give thanks that I have… until tomorrow … well hugs and much love to all who follow…. Oh yes you are all invited over for a slice of fresh bread slathered in butter…. The Mad Baker has again resurfaced…


© Rolly A. Chabotimg_1373


4 thoughts on “The Old Guy… Never stops ticking…

    1. Hi Susan… doing a bit better, afraid there is little more they can do for the left eye. Still at about the 50% loss range. Hoping the right one will be better after Oct 31st when it gets done.

  1. Wonderful to see you blogging again, Rolly! I have missed your writing and so this is a way for me to get some of it regularly (selfish me, hehe!). If you do get into politics, make sure you avoid being Trump-like in any way and instead be the Rolly we all adore xx

    1. Thank you Christy and yes I really do need to get back into some regular writing on here. Like most people I think we can get spread to thin, I have been far to focussed on the latest book… well actually a 3 book series. My and politics, now that would be a challenge, I could never be a Donald. Lack of hair for one thing and changing would be far to difficult… Hugs as always

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