Investing in People

I have been dabbling in the stock market for a number of years. Some investments have been exceptional and others well I will leave it there. The secret to successful trading is to buy low and sell high. The last few years has seen the economy fluctuate a great deal and it has been an investors rollercoaster. Yes it is risky but the dividends can be well worth the risk.

As I was out walking the other day I thought of the people in and out of our lives and what we invest in them. We have the well do so people, the people who are popular and seem to have it all together. We lavish a great deal of time into them them do we not. Sometimes they are gracious and return the favour to us. A kind word of encouragement can go along way for us. I am very thankful to all the people who invested in me. Not the financial investment, but emotional investments they have made. Their contributions have been a powerful testimony at times when no one else seemed to care.

What would happen if we took the same strategies we use in the marketplace into the relationships we have. What if we invested more time into people when they were down. After all we do buy low in the marketplace. What would result if we stepped in and helped people when they are at their lowest. I do not necessarily mean helping financially so much as helping emotionally. Coming along side of someone who is going through some hard times can pay back many times over as you watch them slowly climb from the pit of despair. Just to let them know you care and love them is an investment.

It may not be a financial gain but the end result is we see others once again being more productive and in turn investing in others. Once you have been to the rock bottom of life you will never forget what it is like. The looniness is overwhelming, you may not realize it at the time, but people will come around you and comfort. It is from that place you again learn to love, love not only others but yourself.

Take the time today to invest in another person, someone you know whom is struggling and trust me you will become a much better person yourself. That in itself should be incentive enough for you, after all the better we are the better the world….

© Rolly A. Chabot


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