As We Return

This morning I find myself back in the small city where I attended college some 20 plus years ago. Walking the halls and looking at all the graduating class brings back many memories of my time here for the two years I attended. I laugh as I think back at the way I was called Grandpa, as I was the oldest of the bunch. Looking at the rest of the graduating class I can understand why I was so named. All young except for the old guy, talking to a few of the old Profs I learn of the many and where they ended. Sadly many have passed away long before their time. 

My field began as Turf Managment ending with degrees in Golf Course Design and Construction, Plant Pathology, Horticulture, Arboriculture and Acqua Culture and Integrated Pest Managment. I ended up having to double up on many subjects as I had won three burseries. All of what I studied for became instrumental over the last twenty years of my working carreer and eventually stepped into the consulting role and into my own Landscaping Company. 

What is ironic, I never planned any of it. It just seemed to happen. Golf Courses over the years were notorious for the overuse of chemicals and high phosphate fertilizers. I got into the ground floor of taking severql Golf Courses into the new way of going 100% organic augmentation. I came back to the college and ran trials for them for four years and many were taught the new way of management. It has been rewarding to say the least. Talking with some of the older Profs today brought a renewed pride into seeing the direction the teaching has taken. 

I was asked this morning if I would come back and speak at the 20 year reunion this fall. What an honour to have. It will be good to see some of the guys and gals again and share the struggles we have all seen. I guess we all need to step back occasionally and see the road we have travelled. It is heartwarming to again walk the halls.

Hugs to all