We Stand

Often we say we stand in search of truth, justice and forgiveness in the wake of disaster here in Canada. We have seen it time and time again where we come together when we face adversity, we always have and always will. Disaster, sickness, flood have never stopped us before. We rally at the call for help, and always will. We are witness of the compassion we have for those around us and those afar, but especially when it strikes home. 

Our quiet resolve becomes one voice at times like these. Like many I had a father who stood against such in last World War. He did so to put a stop to the madness. We have our freedoms today because of their sacrifice of many. The thought of killing because of some ideology and radical belief system we fail to accept does not call for utright murder of innocent people and falls far short of compassion and love.

This past week we have been witness to two such attacks, two soldiers lost in this a time of peace because we stand for what is right. Terror strikes fear in people, the thought of becoming a Nation under attack is foreign to us and yet it has once again bound our peoples as one. We can call the attackers, radicals or called them mentally unstable. We are not called to judge but we are called to have a common voice against what is wrong. The end judgement will come from one who is the Alpha and the Omega, His judgement will be swift and just.

It is with great pride I stand with the many and say no to such. God Bless Canada and the many Nations who say no to this sort of thinking.

Rolly A. Chabot    


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