How Creativity can take Women Further than Ever Before

Excellent post Christy and over the years I have had the privilege with several wonderful female role models as well as many working under me. Their contributions have always been inspirational… well written… Hugs

When Women Inspire

About creativity Creativity has the potential to expand opportunities for women. Photo Source: nnenn, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Creativity has the potential to take women further in their professional lives than ever before – and certainly beyond what leadership abilities can. This concept is one of many streaming through my mind as I read the book Genership 1.0: Beyond Leadership Toward Liberating the Creative Soul by David Castro.

About the Book Genership 1.0

Genership 1.0 is an interesting read that delves into the limitations of the word “leadership,” a term that Western civilization puts a lot of emphasis on as being both important and valuable for adults. However, have you ever thought about what leadership means?

As author Castro explains in the book, leadership is an ambiguous term, with limitations to it by not including the concept of creativity. Castro suggests that instead of focusing on being leaders in our society, we are…

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